Sylenth1 presets

All our sylenth1 presets are created as micro packs, small packs with big quality. Instead of paying for a pack of 700+ where you at best are able to sort out the 5-10 good one, we offer a smaller pack with really top level of the industry standard sylenth1 presets. Therefore you also just pay for what you actually need, and you can be sure you get the highest possible quality, that your track deserve.

The packs below are created with an open principle, meaning they are well suited in many possible sounds, genres and songs. Though we categorise them based on genres and style, don’t let that narrow your creativity. With an open principle all of our Sylenth1 presets are easy to integrate in most music styles.

Sylenth1 from Lennar digital is one of the vst synths that has keept popularity among music producers for a really long time. Many well know artists and producers has contributed to a wide range of presets through out the years. With Sonus palettes presets for Sylenth1 you get the very best premium quality sounds possible.

Presets for Sylenth1

How to install, or load, Sylenth1 presets?

Here we will comprehensively describe how you do to install or import a Sylenth1 presets. You can either load a single sound or a full soundbank. The process is really simple. Follow the steps below in order to load Sylenth1 presets.

  • You need to have Sylenth1 by Lennardigital installed on your computer and added to your DAW.
  • Open up Sylenth1 in your DAW
  • Click the “menu” button in the middle of the Sylenth window.
  • To load a single preset click “Load preset”, to load a bank click “Load bank”.
  • Locate the preset or sound bank on your computer (for single presets the filename ends with .fxp and for banks the filename ends with .fxb) and open it. 
  • Your preset is loaded, and you are ready to make your next hit!

Sylenth1 presets download

To download our sylenth1 presets, click the buy button on the specific preset your want, then click the cart button in the top right corner and proceed to checkout. When your order is complete your will be able to download the preset file, which will be a .fxb file, through your Sonus palette account. Then simply load the presets into your Sylenth1 VST and you are ready to create your next club banger! 

The next time you want to download the presets, simply press the “my account” button in the menu and log in to your account. Under “orders” you will see all your previous orders and be able to download the files again.

The depth of Sylenth1

Sylenth1 is one of the most loved VST synths used in a wide range of DAWs. It is one of the most well recognized synths in electronic music production. Everyone who has been around in music production for a while has come across Sylenth1 from Lennardigital at a certain point. Its popularity is well earned since it has a very friendly to use interface but still a lot of complex features. Therefore it can be used by both professionals and absolute beginners.

When starting out fiddling around with Sylenth1 you probably do best with just grabbing a couple of good sounding Sylenth1 preset packs, of course from Sonus palette. Find your way around the interface of the synth and get to learn how everything is set up. You can control the sound by adding filters and modulation, and by the time you have spent a couple of hours with the synth you will probably your way around it and the controls better than your own pocket.