The sonus palette icon for lead presets.

Spire presets

Spire is software synth loved by music producers, not least for its modulation capabilities. We offer a full spectrum of Spire presets to ignite your creative spark. All our presets are crafted with precision by our team of sound engineers and artist. After a preset is completed its then reviewed by other producers in order to filter out only the very best sounds. That way we can ensure all the Spire presets we offer really have the high quality that todays music industry demands.

Sonus palette only provide what we call micro packs of presets. We sort the sounds into soundpacks either basses, leads, chords, plucks or pads. You only get the type you are currently looking for, and we are able to keep the price tag really small. That we are able to offer professional, inspiring premium presets at a reasonable price, and you dont need to scroll through that intimidating bank of hundreds of sounds, where basically all of the end up going straight to the garbage can.

When we create Spire presets we always aim to do so with an open principle. We always create the sounds with a cutting edge tune, but balance that with making them easily tweaked to fit your track perfectly as well.
The sonus palette icon for lead presets.

Preset packs for Spire

Looking for kickass presets to rocket launch you music making? Look no further. We are glad you found your way to Sonus palette. We offer Spire presets for a wide range of electronic music genres. From techno to trance, through EDM and electro, we cover it all. Check out this latest drop of spire trance presets!

During the last couple of years electronic music making has really expanded globally and it is not easy to stick out from the competition. By choosing Sonus palette Spire presets we guarantee you will be ahead of the game. Give your tracks the kickstart they need with a new soundpack today. 

How to install Spire presets?

  • First you need to have your instance of Spire open.

  • Click the menu button.

  • Then click “Import Bank” from the list of different options.

  • Locate the files (they end with .sbf, so for example daydeam-bundle.sbf).

  • In Spire, click on the menu button again and then the “Select Bank” option and you will see all the imported soundbanks.