Serum presets

We offer a wide range of premium quality Serum presets. Here you will find all our presets for Serum. All our sounds go through a review process by multiple sound engineers and designers to make sure only the best of the best make it to the soundpacks. We group our presets both into type of sound and genre. Check out this page for Serum house presets. Or if your looking for Serum big room presets this is it.

If you want a specific type of sound, like a bass, lead, chord or pluck we categorize the preset like that as well. No need to buy more than your currently want, right? Looking for Serum pluck presets? Then just go for that!

Presets for Serum

How to install Serum presets?

How to install Serum presets?

Here we will comprehensively describe how you do to install or import a Serum presets.