The sonus palette icon for lead presets.

Serum big room presets

Hunting the web for the best Serum big room presets? Look no more, we got you covered! All our presets are divided into groups of different kind of sounds. Leads, basses, chords, plucks and pads. The idea of Sonus palette is to offer real premium quality level presets for a smaller cost. Therefore we divide the Serum big room presets into smaller packs, with a smaller cost. Your know that huge preset pack with more than 500 sounds? It is just annoying, right? To scroll through an endless bank of presets, where to be honest, 95% of them should never have left the creators laptop.

We revolutionize the preset market by offering only the presets that you need. Our goal is that every single sound should give you a new idea for a song. Each and every single sound is carefully crafted by our engineers to sit well in the mix. All the sounds are also reviewed by other sound engineers and designers to filter out only the very best of the best.

We know you came here to get some good Serum big room presets. So what are we waiting for?
The sonus palette icon for lead presets.

Let Serum go big room with our presets

How to create big room tracks with serum presets?

We all now that one big room banger that just got us super hyped the first time we heard it. You’ve probably experienced that too, the catchy vocal line, gently passing over to an exciting build up that really creates an unreleased energy, and then, smacking fills followed by a drop that really opens up the whole song. Being able to easily produce those kind of songs, thats what we aimed to achieve when we created these Serum big room presets. All of our Serum soundpacks are carefully produce to make you unleash your full potential. With a rich blend of basses, leads, chords and plucks you really got the arsenal you need to create that next big room banger.

The history of the Big room genre

Big room electronic dance music (EDM) has exploded in popularity in recent years, with festival mainstages and club floors around the world being dominated by its high-energy, anthemic sound. If you’re a music producer or DJ looking to create big room tracks, having the right tools and resources at your disposal is crucial. One essential element of any big room production is a quality synthesizer with a wide range of capabilities for creating a variety of sounds and effects. One popular choice among big room producers is Serum, a virtual synthesizer software developed by Xfer Records.

Xfer Serum for big room producers

In addition to its powerful sound design capabilities, Serum also offers a wide range of preset options that can help you quickly bring your big room productions to life. Presets are pre-configured sound settings that can be loaded into a synthesizer to instantly access a particular sound or effect. For producers working on a tight deadline or simply looking for inspiration, presets can be a valuable resource. In the world of big room, having a collection of quality Serum presets can save you time and help you craft professional-sounding tracks with ease.

In conclusion, having a collection of quality Serum big room presets can be a valuable resource for music producers and DJs looking to create professional-sounding tracks with ease. Whether you opt for paid or free options, there are many options available online to suit a range of budgets and preferences. With the right presets at your disposal, you can save time and focus on crafting the perfect big room track.

How to install Serum presets?

In this guide we will cover how to install Serum presets. 

  • The first step is to download the presets you want to install.
  • Secondly open up your downloads folder and click the downloaded file to unzip it. 
  • Right click the files and click “copy”.
  • Next, open up your DAW and inside your DAW open up the Serum VST.
  • Inside Serum click “menu” and the “show Serum presets folder”.
  • Right click and click “paste”. This will paste the files from the downloads folder to the preset folder.
  • Restart your DAW.
  • That’s it! You are ready to make a hit!