The Sonus Palette

We create presets for your sound palette. When you're creating within a specific genre, small packs of premium quality sounds are what you need. Cause we know quality beats quantity any day. So, we offer micro packs containing inspiring sounds at a much smaller cost than our competitors. Carefully designed, our sounds are meant to fit perfectly into your creativity process as well as inspire you to bring your work to the next level. Our sound designers and engineers always review all preset packs created to make sure they really hit the standard of today’s music industry. All the packs that don't have a cutting edge advantage are filtered out and the best ones get polished to perfection before they are released. All preset packs contain 8 to 12 sounds. There is no need to pay for more if you know the quality is great. By keeping it small we can offer our presets at a very affordable fee. Instead of scrolling through that intimidating sound pack of more than 1000 sounds where most, to be honest, are crap, we give you a selected palette of perfectly polished diamonds, ready to be smithed into greatness by your hands.