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We offer sound packs and presets crafted with precision. Sylenth1 presets, Serum presets and Spire presets from a team of the best sound engineers and designers created flawless, carefully matched together in exclusive, affordable packs. No matter the genre we have the sounds you need for your next track.


Our presets. Your palette.

Sonus palette provides affordable preset packs suitable for your next great track. We think that when you’re creating within a specific genre, small packs of premium quality sounds are what you need. Cause we know, for sure, quality beats quantity any day. So, we offer micro packs containing inspiring sounds at a much smaller cost than our competitors. Carefully designed, our sounds are meant to fit perfectly into your creativity as well as inspire you to bring your work to the next level. We create presets for your sound palette.

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Perfect fit

All our sounds are designed to fit within most tracks, with a perfect balance between edge and mainstream (we know, but let's be honest. Mainstream is mainstream for a reason. It works). We give you a solid base, easy to tweak into a perfect fit for your track.

Premium quality

With experienced sound engineers every preset is carefully crafted into perfection. When getting a Sonus palette pack, there is no need to browse through hundreds of “wrong” sounds. In our packs, each and every sound has that cutting edge premium quality.


Our goal is to give you the chance to use professional quality sounds for a reasonable price. Less is definitely more. We think that premium music production should be available for everyone.

Reviewed and polished

All of our sounds and vst presets packs goes through a careful review process. To make sure they meet the high standard of the music market today, only the best sounds make it into our packs.

Serum presets

Looking for Serum presets for future bass? We’ve got you covered. Check out our recently released packs of premium sounds. Perhaps you’re more into Serum dubstep presets? No worries, of course we offer a range there too. All our packs are crafted with the highest precision to suit your track and choice of genre perfectly. Whether its Serum presets for future bass, Serum presets for dubstep or even Serum house presets. We offer a wide range of presets for many different VST synths. Primarily we focus on sounds for genres within the electronic music scope.

At Sonus palette, artists have one source of premium quality Serum presets. Our sound designers and engineers always review all Serum preset packs created to make sure they really hit the standard of today’s music industry. All the packs that don’t have a cutting edge advantage are filtered out and the best ones get polished to perfection before they are released. If you are into Serum big room presets, you should check out our new packs.

All Serum preset packs are what we call micro packs, containing 8 to 12 sounds of the finest craft. There is no need to pay for more if you know the quality is great. By keeping it small we can offer our Serum presets at a very affordable fee. Instead of scrolling through that intimidating sound pack of more than 1000 sounds where most, to be honest, are crap, we give you a selected palette of perfectly polished diamonds, ready to be smithed into greatness by your hands. We divide the packs into different type of sounds. For example if you are just looking for Serum pluck presets, then there is no need to get a pack jammed with basses and leads as well.

Our engineers and designers create Serum preset packs according to our open principle, where every sound should be open enough to fit perfectly into most tracks. The sounds should easily single handily carry a track, as well as be modular and general enough to be tweaked by you. That way you get a solid base to leap from, and are still able to direct with precision where to land.

Latest products

Straight from the drawing table. Make sure you check out our latest released packs, to keep your tracks on top.

Sylenth1 presets

We offer a diversity of preset packs for Sylenth1. All of our presets are carefully created with one goal in mind – to give you the best sounding vst presets there is. Whether you’re looking for future bass sylenth presets, dubstep sylenth presets, sylenth hardstyle presets or any other genre, we got your back. Check out our latest selection of vst preset packs here.

Sylenth1 is one of the most used vst synths that has been around since the beginning of the modern electronic dance music scene. It has always been loved by producers for its intuitive design. It’s easy to take a premade preset and fine tune it into a flawless fit for your track. Our sound engineers have many years of experience with every corner of the vst synth and a deep understanding of how to turn what it offers into a modern sound, no matter the genre.

All of our sounds are categorised by vst synth, genre and type of sound. Therefore you only buy what you need. All of the sounds go through a review and evaluation process by multiple artists, sound engineers and sound designers before making it to a Sonus palette pack, so we can ensure you only get the best of the best. Creating music is about giving a voice to an emotion. Let the Sonus palette be the language of that voice. With our vst presets for Sylenth1 you got a rock hard base to stand on no matter the vibe of your track.


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The best things come in stacks

We offer packs containing different sounds and bundles containing different packs. In that way, it's possible to buy a or several packs with the specific sounds you're looking for, or to buy a complete bundle with packs that fit well together. Grab your choice from our selection today and create that track – or album – that's been stuck on your mind since forever!

Spire presets

We offer multiple presets for Spire. Spire has been around for almost 10 years and is a widely recognised and loved vst synth by artists and producers. Spire is easy to get going with and is packed with some different sounds. Many of them aren’t up to date with the standards the music industry needs today, and therefore it’s usually a good idea to complement with a couple of extra packs to really set the modern vibe for your track.

We offer presets for most genres. All of our Spire presets are carefully produced by our sound designers to really reach that top level excellence your track deserves. Whether you’re looking for a rolling bass or cut through lead we assure our packs will satisfy both you and your listeners.

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